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At Good Business, we offer two main services. Both can help your business, depending on your resources and how you want to operate. The first service is we provide MYOB training to businesses in the Christchurch area. We’ll give you the skills you need to keep on top of your accounts and communicate effectively with your accountant.

If you would prefer someone else to handle all the regular accounting tasks required in your business, our bookkeeping service is the ideal option. We offer MYOB support wherever you are in Christchurch, freeing you up to get on with running your business, growing your sales, and improving the service you offer to customers.

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MYOB Experts

At Good Business, we have in-depth knowledge of MYOB. Even more importantly, we have extensive experience making MYOB work for businesses in the Christchurch area. At Good Business, we make accounting tasks simple plus we will become the bridge between your business and your accountant.

Personal Service

We provide remote training and support services when our clients want this option, but our preferred approach is to deliver our MYOB training, support, and bookkeeping services at your Christchurch location. This lets us get to know your business in the best way possible which improves our services. Being on-site also speeds up data entry.

Get the Skills Your Business Needs

Whether we are providing you with MYOB training, support, or bookkeeping, your business will have the accountancy skills it needs. Plus, we will fully customise our services according to the requirements of your business. Remember too – we're not accountants, so we speak your language.

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