What Our Clients Say

At Good Business, we build long-term relationships with our clients and have worked with most of our current customers for many years. They stay with us because of the quality of service we provide and the added value we bring to their business. You can find out more about what some of our clients say in the testimonials on this page. To discuss your requirements in relation to MYOB training or support, or if you need bookkeeping services, please contact us.


Having worked with us for so long, Fiona completely understands our business and knows our systems so well that we often rely on her to complete accounts and fix admin issues without us being present.

Lauren Inkster & Kyle Byers

Solid Builders & Ecobuilt Homes Christchurch

Fiona, you are so helpful. You help us get out of the trouble we’ve created in MYOB. You are always there when we need you and you are so easy to understand.

Raquel Busson

Nymic Engineering Christchurch

Fiona is always offering new ideas and systems to increase productivity and time efficiency. Suggesting we sign up to online systems like IRFILE and ANZDIRECT has been invaluable.

Lauren Inkster & Kyle Byers

Solid Builders & Ecobuilt Homes Christchurch

Thanks heaps Fiona. You still don’t charge us enough. You add much more value to our business than you charge.

Kris Webster

Sandford Industries, Christchurch

ALL small business owners need Fiona! She is professional, efficient, friendly and oh so VERY knowledgeable. Fiona has been my "go-to" for all things MYOB since I started my business in 2016. Nothing seems to faze her and she always either has the answers, or finds the answers to my questions. A quick email and she will fix my blunders remotely. Or for more complex issues she will come and sit with me and teach me as she works through what needs to be done.

Heather Russell

I Transform Homes

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